Queen Lili`uokalani 175th Birthday Onipa`a Celebration
Iolani Palace, September 1, 2013

Upper Left – Onipa`a celebration honoring Queen Lili`uokalani
Upper Right – Looking towards King Kamehamea statute along King Street. The massive lawn is filled with some of the 38,000 signatures of native Hawaiians that helped to defeat the 1897 annexation treaty of the Hawaiian Kingdom that newly elected Republican President McKinley was trying to push through the US Congress.
Lower Left – With Iolani Palace along King Street in Honolulu in the background a native Hawaiian prays for justice, peace and self-government.
Lower Right – An enactment of Queen Lili`okalani on the steps of the palace on the day of the US military-assisted overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom on January 17, 1893.


Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month Celebration
Fort Shafter, Hawai`i, May 31, 2013

Aloha Hawai`i Oni Pa’a displayed its new Hawaiian Kingdom T-shirts and entertained with Haunani Chandler at the guitar and Pikake performing the hula. Both teach hula dancing and native art and craft.